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In memory of Esther Miller

estherEsther Miller, a dedicated and passionate supporter of the arts, youth theatre, and the Cobre Valley Center for the Arts, passed away Saturday, March 12.

Among the many positive ways she supported our community, she was a founding sponsor of the Summer Youth Musical Theatre Program. Her love for the work of arts education was felt through her enthusiasm, her joyful spirit, and her passion. She deeply understood the ways that SYMTP and the local Boy Scouts of America troops make our community stronger and closer. We are all forever improved by the lasting impact she has made.

Those interested in donating in memory of Esther Miller please do so online HERE or at the CVCA desk, 101 N. Broad Street, Globe, AZ, 85501, 928-425-0884.

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The Cobre Valley Center for the Arts suffered a great loss on the night of Thursday, July 9th when CVCA Director Kip Culver passed away at his home. Kip gave his life to the restoration and protection of the history, arts and culture of our community. There is no doubt that his tireless work has positively impacted the lives of every member of the Globe-Miami area.

His passion for and commitment to historic restoration will leave a lasting beauty to our downtown and is his gift for us to enjoy for many generations.

His warm spirit, sense of humor and caring soul will never be replaced and will be deeply missed.

Those interested in donating to the family of Kip Culver or his legacy of fostering Globe-Miami's history and culture may do so online HERE or at the CVCA desk, 101 N. Broad Street, Globe, AZ, 85501, 928-425-0884.

What’s Happening
Volunteer Information for 2017 Cemetery Tour, Globe AZ

Volunteer Information for 2017 Cemetery Tour, Globe AZ

Apr 8, 6:00pm - Apr 8, 10:30pm

Globe Historic Downtown
Globe, AZ  85501 Map

Welcome to the Actors and Volunteers Event Page! I have set up this page for any dialog and Q & A for the behind the scenes of this year's Cemetery Tour. Thank-you so much for playing with us, it is going to be a GREAT event! ;) In addition to this page, please read the information on the public event page to keep yourself in the loop on the total package of the evening. <3 (CAST NOTES IN CAPS) QUICKY BULLET POINTS: *CAST SHUTTLE DEPARTURE FROM DEPOT AT 6PM, THE LAST TOUR IS SCHEUDULE TO START AT 8:15 PM, BUT PLEASE BE PREPARED FOR A 1/2 HOUR OVERRUN IN CASE THE CROWD IS STILL LARGE. *THERE WILL BE 3 REHEARSALS, ONE AT THE SITE. 1) ROUND TABLE READING: THURSDAY, MARCH 16TH AT 7PM AT THE DEPOT, 2) ROUND TABLE/STANDING FULL CHARACTER REHEARSAL THURSDAY, MARCH 23 7PM AT THE DEPOT/FREIGHT OFFICE, 3)ON CEMETERY SITE FULL REHEARSAL (NOT DRESS, BUT CONFIRM COSTUME) FRIDAY MARCH 31ST AND/OR TUESDAY APRIL 4TH, BOTH 6PM. (CHOOSE ONE OR BOTH IF YOU NEED MORE PRACTICE). *COSTUMES: ALL CAST WILL BE RESONSIBLE FOR PICKING UP AND RETURNING ALL THERE COSTUME COMPONENTS FROM THE THEATRE. WE WILL HAVE SOMEONE TO WORK WITH YOU AND HELP YOU CHECK THEM OUT. *LANTERNS & PROPS WILL BE LOCATED AT THE CEMETERY SITE FOR YOU TO PICK-UP/CHECK-OUT AT 6PM, PLEASE ALSO DROP THEM BACK OFF (CHECK THEM BACK IN) AT THE SAME LOCATION AT THE END OF THE NIGHT. SOME OF THE PROPS ARE ON LOAN FROM THE MUSEUM, SO PLEASE TAKE GREAT CARE WITH THEM. *THERE WILL BE CAST WATER ON SITE. iN EFFORT TO KEEP 100% IN CHARACTER WE ARE ASKING THAT ALL CAST DRINKS BE CONSEALED IN FABRIC BAGS OR SLEEVES, OR SOMETHING PERIOD RELATED TO YOUR COSTUME. WE WILL HAVE THE FABRIC BAGS AVAILABLE ON SITE. *PARKING: THERE WILL BE LIMITED CAST PARKING AT THE HOME OF GREG AND CHARLOTTE FISHER IF NEEDED. PLEASE NOTIFY US IF THIS IS YOUR OPTION FOR SPACE PLANNING. WE WILL OTHERWISE SHUTTLE YOU AT 6PM FROM (THE JAIL OR TBA) TO GET YOU INTO PLACES FOR THE TOUR START AT 6:30, DO NOT FORGET TO PICK-UP YOUR PROPS AND LANTERNS UPON ARRIVAL TO THE CEMETERY). *CAST COMP TICKETS & DRINK COUPONS: EVERY CAST MEMBER & VOLUNTEER WILL BE GIFTED ONE COMP TICKET TO USE AS THEY PLEASE. PLEASE SEE MOLLY TO PICK THESE UP PRIOR TO THE LAST REHEARSAL FOR A HEADCOUNT. IN ADDITION, EVERY CAST MEMBER & VOLUNTEER WILL RECEIVE A DRINK COUPON FROM THE JAILYARD CANTINA EVENT BAR AT THE JAIL, TO BE USED AT EVENT WRAP (GUEST & CAST PARTY). *SPONSOR COMP TICKETS & DRINK TOKENS OR COUPONS AVAILABLE, PLEASE SEE MOLLY IF YOU KNOW IF YOUR EMPLOYER OR GROUP WISHES TO BE AN EVENT SPONSOR. Basics about the tour: This 90 minute+/- historical walking tour of Globe's oldest cemetery will depict an old West time gone by. Tour shuttles will depart approximately every 20 minutes from the 1916 railroad depot in historic downtown Globe from 6:30-8:00pm. Upon arriving at the 1876 founded cemetery, be prepared to be introduced to many of her former residents (YOU) sharing tales of the lives they once led. The guided path will be filled with many of our local theatre performers in our "Ghosts of Globe" and "Bawdy Broad Street" Tours' Style. If you have never experienced one of these tours, you are in for a treat! After the tour, our shuttles will escort you back to historic downtown to our event "Jailyard Cantina" located only one block from the Depot launch location. The Cantina will be a fun experience back to the land of the living, with pictures and life details of some of our featured cemetery tour residents. Feel free to wander the1910 territorial jail, peruse our historic Globe-Miami area information/gift shop stop, and as the word "cantina" inplies, prepare for some additonal fun. In addition to the "Jailyard Cantina" (no-host & open until 11pm) (ALSO SERVING AS OUR CAST PARTY) we will be happy to direct you to many additional local watering hole locations. Note: This is NOT a ghost & ghoul tour, this is a history tour of the land and time of Globe’s past. We appreciate in advance the respect of our cemetery residents, and where they rest. Please wear comfortable shoes, prepare for a little paved-incline walking, and although backlit, a flashlight for your evening comfort level. The tour path was designed for horse and buggy, but is ADA compliant. We will have handicapped-only parking available at the cemetery for your convenience. *Partnership presale tickets will be available Tuesday, March 7th through Wednesday, April 7th 2017 at the following locations: Cobre Valley Center for the Arts Globe-Miami Chamber of Commerce The White Porch gifts & antiques Children under the age of 10 are free with adult supervision. **Pre-sale bonus gifts available while supplies last. Questions, Comments or Volunteer information? We would love to hear from you. Message us on facebook the following three pages, and we will get right back to you. See you at the tour! Globe Historic Downtown 1910 Gila County, AZ Sheriff's Office & Jail Globe Main Street Program... See MoreSee Less